Dr. Cassandra Spaan

Kurse der Dozentin

211G1046S - Cambridge Prüfungen FCE, CAE und TKT 221G1846S - Cambridge Prüfungen B2 First, C1 Advanced und TKT 212G1400S - Englisch LRS 212G1401S - Englisch LRS 221G0901F - WhatsApp Service Englisch für 1 Monat 221G1871S - TKT Modul 1 - Background to Language Learning and Teaching 221G1873S - TKT Modul 2 - Lesson planning and use of resources for language teaching 221G1875S - TKT Modul 3 - Managing the teaching and learning process 221G1877S - TKT CLIL - Content and Language Integrated Learning 221G1879S - TKT YL - Young Learners 221G1757F - Advanced Conversation (C1/C2) starts online then face-to-face 221G0932F - Apps & Co. - Learning Tools Workshop Online Wie helfen Apps &Co. beim Englischlernen? 221G1100T - Modularer Bildungsurlaub Englisch A1 - C1 221G1120T - First Steps - Die ersten Worte und Sätze auf Englisch (A0/A1) Teil 1 221G1121T - First Steps - Die ersten Worte und Sätze auf Englisch (A0/A1) Teil 2 221G1123T - Wie bilde ich einen einfachen Satz? (A1) 221G1124T - Satzbau und grammatikalische Grundbegriffe (A1/A2) 221G1128T - Aussprache - Sounds that don't exist in German - th, s, v, w 221G1139T - Die einfache Gegenwart - Simple Present Eine Wiederholung (A2) 221G1141T - Simple Present - Theory and Practice (B1) 221G1142T - Simple Present in Conversation (B2) 221G1148T - Present Progressive Theory and Practice (B1) 221G1149T - Present Progressive in Conversation (B2) 221G1153T - Present Tenses in Conversation (B1) 221G1155T - Present Tenses in Conversation and some odd exceptions (C1) 221G1234T - Getting Aquainted: Getting to know each other (A2) 221G1236T - Preparing for an Interview (B2) 221G1237T - Conducting Interviews (C1) 221G1238T - Conversation: Jobs (A1) 221G1239T - Conversation: Working Day (A2) 221G1240T - Conversation: Scheduling meetings and talking about your week (A2/B1) 221G1241T - Conversation: Setting Criteria and Compromising (B1/B2) 221G1244T - Prepositions of Time (A2) 221G1246T - Prepositions after verbs and nouns (B1/B2) 221G1250T - First Aid (B1) 221G1261T - Culture: People who changed British history (B2) 221G1266T - Telephoning: Private and Professional contexts (B2) 221G1267T - Telephoning: Proper Telephoning Etiquette (C1) 221G1276T - Sales - Part 1 (B1/B2) 221G1277T - Sales - Part 2 (B1/B2) 221G1278T - Common Mistakes: German in English (A2/B1) 221G1282T - TED: Do schools kill creativity? (C1/C2) 221G1290T - Jane Eyre (B2/C1) 221G1129T - Aussprache - Pronouncing Consonants Properly 221G1135T - Die einfache Gegenwart - wie bilde ich einen Satz? Simple Present - An Introduction (A1) 221G1136T - Die einfache Gegenwart - Verneinungen (A1) 221G1137T - Die einfache Gegenwart - Fragen (A1) 221G1147T - Present Progressive Revision (A2) 221G1152T - Present Tenses - Welche Zeit nutzt man wann? (A2) 221G1154T - Present Tenses Usage and Comprehension in Conversation (B2) 221G1184T - Simple Past Revision (A2) 221G1185T - Simple Past Irregular Verbs (A2) 221G1186T - Simple Past Theory and Practice (B1) 221G1187T - Simple Past Unusual Irregular Verbs (B2) 221G1190T - Present Perfect Revison (B1) 221G1191T - Present Perfect vs. Simple Past Revision and Conversation (B1/B2) 221G1195T - Simple Perfect Tenses Theory and Practice (B2) 221G1196T - Simple Perfect Tenses in Conversation (C1) 221G1213T - Holiday Experiences in Conversation (A2) 221G1233T - Getting Aquainted: How are you? (A1) 221G1235T - How to get people talking (B1) 221G1243T - Prepositions of Place (A2) 221G1245T - Prepositions of Position and Movement (A2/B1) 221G1247T - Prepositions exceptions (B2) 221G1248T - Basic Words of Courtesy (A1) 221G1260T - Culture: Poetry (B1/B2) 221G1262T - Culture: British politics - how does everything work? (C1) 221G1270T - Group Discussion: Everyday Conversation (A2) 221G1272T - Group Discussion: 21 Questions (B1/B2) 221G1273T - Group Discussion: A Touch of Philosophy (C1) 221G1275T - Something useful: Vocabulary game (B1/B2) 221G1279T - Common Mistakes: Sound Alikes (B1) 221G1281T - TED: Who am I? Think again! (C1) 221G1292T - Wuthering Heights (C1) 221G1297T - Call Centre English - Part 1 (B1/B2) 221G1298T - Call Centre English - Part 2 (B1/B2) 221G1122T - First Steps - Das Englische Alphabet (A1) 221G1125T - Active and Passive Sentence Structure (B1) 221G1126T - Active, Passive and Imperative Sentence Structure (B2) 221G1130T - Aussprache - Vowels 221G1144T - Present Progressive Introduction (A1) 221G1145T - Present Progressive Questions and Answers (A1) 221G1151T - Present Tenses Extra Practice (A1) 221G1167T - Basic Future Tenses Revision (B1) 221G1170T - Basic Future Tenses in Conversation (B1) 221G1171T - Future Perfect Tenses (B2) 221G1172T - Future Perfect Tenses Passive (C1) 221G1189T - Present Perfect Theory and Practice (A2) 221G1192T - Present Perfect vs. Simple Past in Conversation (B2/C1) 221G1193T - Past Perfect Introduction (A2) 221G1194T - Past Perfect Revision (B1) 221G1202T - Past Progressive Reporting (C1) 221G1214T - Past Tenses in Conversation (B1) 221G1215T - Reported Speech (B2) 221G1216T - Constructing and Solving Riddles (C1) 221G1228T - Travelling: Checking In & Out (A1) 221G1229T - Travelling: Bookings & Reservations (A2) 221G1230T - Travelling: Sightseeing (B1) 221G1249T - Directions (A2) 221G1251T - Complaining (B2) 221G1252T - Emotional Support (C1) 221G1259T - Culture: "English" - What does that mean? (A2/B1) 221G1264T - Telephoning: How to make/take a telephone call (A2) 221G1269T - Group Discussion: Hobbies and Interests (A1/A2) 221G1271T - Group Discussion: Start or maintain a conversation on any topic (B1) 221G1288T - The Canterville Ghost (A1/A2) 221G1289T - Sherlock Holmes (A2) 221G1116T - Logistics - Orders (B1/B2) 221G1117T - Logistics - Delivery (B1/B2) 221G1118T - Logistics - Problem solving (B1/B2) 221G1119T - Logistics - Complaints (B1/B2) 221G1127T - Sentence Structures in English (C1) 221G1131T - Aussprache - Intonation 221G1161T - Will Future Introduction (A1) 221G1162T - Will Future Theory and Practice (A2) 221G1165T - Going To Future Theory and Practice (A2) 221G1168T - Will Future Practice (A1) 221G1169T - Basic Future Tenses Theory and Practice (A2) 221G1174T - Zero Conditional (A1/A2) 221G1175T - First and Second Conditionals (A2) 221G1176T - Conditionals Theory and Practice (B1) 221G1177T - Conditionals in Conversation (B2) 221G1178T - Flexible Construction and Use of Conditionals (C1) 221G1199T - Past Progressive Theory and Practice (B1) 221G1201T - Past Progressive Reconstructing Events (B2) 221G1209T - Perfect Tenses Theory and Practice (A2) 221G1211T - Perfect Tenses Simple and Continuous (B2) 221G1218T - Vocabulary: Most Common Adjectives (A1) 221G1219T - Vocabulary: Everyday Adjectives (A2) 221G1220T - Vocabulary: Characteristics (B1) 221G1221T - Vocabulary: Adjectives (B2) 221G1222T - Vocabulary: Synonyms (C1) 221G1231T - Travelling: Business Trips (B2) 221G1232T - Travelling: Cultural Awareness (C1) 221G1253T - Fruit and Veg (A1) 221G1255T - Recipes (B1) 221G1257T - Dishes and Preferences (C1) 221G1265T - Telephoning: Basic skills at the office (B1) 221G1287T - Garden basics (A1/A2) 221G1132T - Aussprache - Natural Speed and Intonation 221G1181T - Simple Past First Steps (A1) 221G1182T - Simple Past Irregular Verbs (A1) 221G1183T - Simple Past Questions and Negations (A1) 221G1198T - Past Progressive Introduction (A2) 221G1203T - Present Perfect Continuous Introduction (B1) 221G1204T - Present Perfect Continuous Theory and Practice (B2) 221G1205T - Present Perfect Continuous in Conversation (C1) 221G1206T - Past Perfect Continuous Introduction (B1) 221G1207T - Past Perfect Continuous Theory and Practice (B2) 221G1208T - Past Perfect Continuous in Conversation (C1) 221G1210T - Perfect Tenses Extra Practice (B1) 221G1212T - Perfect Tenses in Conversation (C1) 221G1223T - Everyday Life: Tickets (A1) 221G1224T - Everyday Life: Shopping (A2) 221G1225T - Everyday Life: Visiting a Restaurant (B1) 221G1226T - Everyday Life: Job Application (B2) 221G1227T - Everyday Life: Problem Solving (C1) 221G1254T - Kitchen Staples (A2) 221G1256T - Herbs and Spices (B2) 221G1263T - Telephoning: Understanding the basics (A1) 221G1283T - TED: Don't eat the marshmallow! (B1/B2) 221G1284T - TED: How to start a movement (B1/B2) 221G1285T - TED: Wearing nothing new (A2) 221G1286T - TED: The joy of surfing in ice-cold water (A2) 221G1291T - Frankenstein (B2/C1) 221G1293T - Customer Care - Introduction (B1/B2) 221G1294T - Customer Care - On the phone (B1/B2) 221G1295T - Customer Care - Written Correspondence Part 1 (B1/B2) 221G1296T - Customer Care - Written Correspondence Part 2 (B1/B2) 221G0808S - NEU! Emoji Express Online über Microsoft Teams 221G0964S - Online Let's talk politics! (B1+) 222G0960S - Cinema Club 221G1862S - B2 First Prüfung 28.07.2022 221G1864S - C1 Advanced Prüfung 29.07.2022